0001469: [Uncategorized] Bug: Able to Open Multiple Metadata Windows (Scott Bradford)
0001467: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Better Date/Time Tool in Metadata Window (Scott Bradford)
0001468: [Uncategorized] Bug: Saving Metadata Doesn't Close Window in GTK (Scott Bradford)
0001465: [Uncategorized] Bug: Flatbuttons Stay Selected on Linux When They Shouldn't (Scott Bradford)
0001466: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Smoother Handling of Pandoc Missing (Scott Bradford)
0001462: [Uncategorized] Bug: Update Check in About Window Present When NoUpdate Mode (Scott Bradford)
0001458: [Uncategorized] Bug: Error in Theme Change on Mac (Scott Bradford)
0001460: [Uncategorized] Bug: Reset Settings in Windows Throws Error (Scott Bradford)
0001461: [Uncategorized] Bug: Metadata Window Should Focus First Field (Scott Bradford)
0001459: [Uncategorized] Bug: Wrong Background Color on Settings Widgets (Scott Bradford)
0001456: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Fallback/Generic Color Themes (Scott Bradford)
0001449: [Uncategorized] Bug: Remaining GTK Theme Switch Issues (Scott Bradford)
0001455: [Uncategorized] Bug: Windows Dark Icons Flash White (Scott Bradford)
0001454: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Refine Windows Dark Mode (Scott Bradford)
0001450: [Uncategorized] Bug: Windows Not Showing MD/HTML Content Correctly (Scott Bradford)
0001437: [Uncategorized] Bug: Review and Fix the Build Processes (Scott Bradford)
0001448: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Metadata Window Should Not Be Modal (Scott Bradford)
0001444: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Refine Cross Platform Conditionals (Scott Bradford)
0001446: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Theme and Metatdata to Statusbar Icons (Scott Bradford)
0001431: [Uncategorized] Bug: View > New Window Not Working (Scott Bradford)
0001445: [Uncategorized] Bug: Opening Files Causes Weird Looping Aneurism Thing (Scott Bradford)
0001443: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Metadata Window Additional Information (Scott Bradford)
0001436: [Uncategorized] Improvement: GTK User Interface Refinements (Scott Bradford)
0001438: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Add a Debug Mode (Scott Bradford)
0001435: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Allow User to Choose Font (Scott Bradford)
0001423: [Uncategorized] Bug: Windows Dark Mode Menubar and Scrollbars (Scott Bradford)
0001416: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Support for Light/Dark Mode Override (Scott Bradford)
0001433: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Allow User to Choose Default Icons (Scott Bradford)
0001432: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Add Date and Generation Info to Metadata (Scott Bradford)
0001426: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Status Text When There's No Statusbar (Scott Bradford)
0001424: [Uncategorized] Bug: Changing Metadata Does Not Update Saved/Unsaved Status (Scott Bradford)
0001425: [Uncategorized] Bug: Statusbar Icons Don't Look Quite Right (Scott Bradford)
0001422: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Improve Consistency of Toolbar Behavior (Scott Bradford)
0001415: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Windows Dark Mode (Scott Bradford)
0001420: [Uncategorized] Bug: Dark/Light Color Problems on MX Linux Default Theme (Scott Bradford)
0001418: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Allow Manual Selection of Import File Type (Scott Bradford)
0001419: [Uncategorized] Bug: Linux Dependencies Are Missing PyYAML (Scott Bradford)
0001395: [Uncategorized] Improvement: CTXT File Metadata (Scott Bradford)
0001417: [Uncategorized] Improvement: "Please Wait" When Checking for Updates (Scott Bradford)
0001414: [Uncategorized] Bug: Fix Build and Packaging Scripts (Scott Bradford)
0001413: [Uncategorized] Bug: Wrong Toolbar Icons in Windows in Dark Mode (Scott Bradford)
0001373: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Support for Dark Modes (Scott Bradford)
0001405: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Update and Manual Link in About Window (Scott Bradford)
0001407: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Remove Mouseover Effect on Statusbar Icons (Scott Bradford)
0001360: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Update and Finalize RPM Build Support (Scott Bradford)
0001390: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Menu Access in Fullscreen With No Statusbar (Scott Bradford)
0001370: [Uncategorized] Bug: QAPT DEB Icon is Wrong (Scott Bradford)
0001384: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Setting to Show/Hide Statusbar in Full Screen Mode (Scott Bradford)
0001388: [Uncategorized] Bug: GetLuminance Not Supported in wxPython 4.0.0 (Scott Bradford)
0001387: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Improve GTK Icon Selection (Scott Bradford)
0001386: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Change Icon Credit (Scott Bradford)
0001372: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Support for Mac Spotlight, Windows Preview, etc. (Scott Bradford)
0001383: [Uncategorized] Bug: Import Line Break Weirdness (Scott Bradford)
0001382: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Pandoc Auto-Installer "Please Wait" (Scott Bradford)
0001381: [Uncategorized] Improvement: In Fullscreen Mode Show Modified/Unmodified State (Scott Bradford)
0001379: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Add "About" Icon in Full Screen Footer (Scott Bradford)
0001368: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Linux Styling Adjustments (Scott Bradford)
0001378: [Uncategorized] Bug: Selecting Menu Item Doesn't Clear the Statusbar Text (Scott Bradford)
0001374: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Increase Default Window Size (Scott Bradford)
0001367: [Uncategorized] Bug: Flatpak Builder is Broken (Scott Bradford)
0001366: [Uncategorized] Bug: Toolbar Display Problems in Linux (Scott Bradford)
0001355: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Full Screen Refinement on Large Screens (Scott Bradford)
0001365: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Use wx.HyperlinkCtrl in About Window (Scott Bradford)
0001364: [Uncategorized] Bug: Mac SetRepresentedFilename() Not Clearing on New File (Scott Bradford)
0001362: [Uncategorized] Improvement: CLI Utilities and Functions (Scott Bradford)
0001363: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Mac Script/Something to Reset Settings from DMG (Scott Bradford)
0001358: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Option to Remove Settings on Windows Uninstall (Scott Bradford)
0001359: [Uncategorized] Bug: DEB Package Fails Linting (Scott Bradford)
0001352: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Need a Better Windows Installer Icon (Scott Bradford)
0001351: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Changes to MacOS DMG (Scott Bradford)
0001357: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Use SetRepresentedFilename() on Mac (Scott Bradford)
0001354: [Uncategorized] Improvement: Option to Run App at End of Windows Installer (Scott Bradford)
0001350: [Uncategorized] Bug: Wrong Link Color in About Window on Mac (Scott Bradford)
0001348: [Uncategorized] Bug: SegFault When Quitting on Linux (Scott Bradford)
0001349: [Uncategorized] Bug: Incorrect Ordering of Import/Export Formats (Scott Bradford)
0001347: [Uncategorized] Bug: Unable to Reset Settings (Scott Bradford)
0001356: [Uncategorized] Bug: Linux Build Error After Clean (Scott Bradford)
0001389: [Uncategorized] Bug: Statusbar Icons Look Wrong in wxPython 4.0.0 (Scott Bradford)
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Released December 31, 1969
0001070: [Map] NWS Precip Maps Stopped Working (Scott Bradford)
0001072: [Warnings] Update Forecast Zone Data (Scott Bradford)
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0001210: [Forecast] Fix PHP 8.1 Compatibility (Scott Bradford)
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