Released January 22, 2018
0000855: [Uncategorized] Facebook Share Fixes (Scott Bradford)
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0000805: [Conditions] Tropical Storm Still Don't Work (Scott Bradford)
0000858: [Location] Multiple Location Search Returns Dupes (Scott Bradford)
0000767: [Conditions] Back Quotes in Forecast Discussion (Scott Bradford)
0000849: [Application] Migration to Git VCS (Scott Bradford)
0000794: [Location] Undefined Error when searching for New York, NY (Scott Bradford)
0000857: [Location] Issue With Some Pennsylvania Locations (Scott Bradford)
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Released August 24, 2017
0000744: [Location] Locations Need to Support UTF-8 Strings (Scott Bradford)
0000754: [Warnings] Don't fire GetWarning Requests in No Warning Countries (Scott Bradford)
0000761: [Application] Errors When Updating Locations Table (Scott Bradford)
0000722: [Application] Update FormMail to Current (Scott Bradford)
0000751: [Location] Better Handling of Countries With No Postcodes (Scott Bradford)
0000755: [Conditions] Handle Null Content for Visibility (DKS?) (Scott Bradford)
0000752: [Warnings] Update Warnings Table (Scott Bradford)
0000756: [Forecast] Break on Throughout (Scott Bradford)
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