0001073: [Map] Map Alignment Isn't Quite Right (Scott Bradford)
0001074: [Map] Map Should Show Loading Indicator (Scott Bradford)
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0001020: [Forecast] Remove DarkSky API (add something else?) (Scott Bradford)
0000989: [Forecast] Hurricane Problems AGAIN (Scott Bradford)
0000961: [Application] API Breakout to Separate Project (Scott Bradford)
0000953: [Forecast] More Long Summary Strings (Scott Bradford)
0000952: [Warnings] Upcoming Warnings (Scott Bradford)
0000935: [Forecast] Detect Bad Data from NWS (Scott Bradford)
0000934: [Application] Identify and Fix PHP Warning (Scott Bradford)
0000734: [Application] Update to Support New NWS Forecast API (Scott Bradford)
0000753: [Warnings] Make NWS Warning Source Configurable (Scott Bradford)
0000681: [Application] Double-Check Before DB Clears (Scott Bradford)
0000164: [Warnings] Check Against Watch/Warning Polygons (Scott Bradford)
0000463: [Settings] Service Notices and Alerts (Scott Bradford)
0000515: [Settings] Allow Purchase of Ad-Free (Scott Bradford)
0000578: [Map] Enable Map Image Caching System (Scott Bradford)
0000638: [Conditions] Support NOAA Solar Data (Scott Bradford)
0000465: [Forecast] Implement Environment Canada Support (Scott Bradford)
0000576: [Authentication] User Agent Check (Scott Bradford)
0000639: [Forecast] Dew Point Forecast (Scott Bradford)
0000423: [Settings] User Account/Login (Scott Bradford)
0000520: [Forecast] Record Highs and Lows (Scott Bradford)
0000270: [User Interface] Push Apps from Website (Scott Bradford)
0000561: [User Interface] JavaScript NNW UI Object Needs Refactor Still (Scott Bradford)
0000581: [User Interface] Migrate from jQuery Mobile to Bootstrap (Scott Bradford)
0000596: [Map] Better Frame Sync and Checking (Scott Bradford)
0000577: [User Interface] Implement 'Medium' Size (Scott Bradford)
0000602: [Application] Update JS Frameworks to Current Versions (Scott Bradford)
0000661: [Application] Blank Page on Location Update (Scott Bradford)
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Scheduled For Release April 24, 2019
0001058: [Map] NWS Radar Map Not Working (Scott Bradford)
0000373: [User Interface] Work Moon Phases Into Night Icons (Scott Bradford)
0000416: [Map] Map Zoom Shortcuts (Scott Bradford)
0000595: [Forecast] Include Link to Weather Source (Scott Bradford)
0000593: [Map] Current Conditions Overlay (Scott Bradford)
0000731: [Map] Switching from OWM to NWS Map Problem (Scott Bradford)
0000732: [Map] Change Location By Map Click (Scott Bradford)
0000733: [Map] Map Reset to Default (Scott Bradford)
0000759: [Map] Side-by-Side Map and Forecast (Scott Bradford)
0000768: [Map] Deal With Radar Downtime Better (Scott Bradford)
0000882: [Application] Develop 1.0 Version as Progressive Web App (Scott Bradford)
0000908: [User Interface] Terms, Privacy, Etc. (Scott Bradford)
0000916: [Location] Increase Location Timeout (Scott Bradford)
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