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0001399Commit DesktopUncategorizedpublicMarch 18, 2023, 1:40 pm
ReporterScott Bradford Assigned ToScott Bradford  
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Summary0001399: Improvement: Bottom Alignment and Consistency of Text Fields
DescriptionWe need to extend (or replace?) the wx.TextCtrl class for the committed and working text fields.

First, we need to work in reverse -- attachment point for the text should be at the bottom. We're faking this reasonably well with the "jump to bottom" feature in the committed field, but it doesn't work when the text it too short, and it doesn't work in the working field (although maybe we don't need it there).

Second, we need more consistent margins on the fields. It's fine in Windows and Mac, but there is apparently a 0px margin in Linux for some annoying reason. GTK+ bug? What?


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