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[NNW Service and Web]  User Interface
minorMay 21, 2018Terms, Privacy, Etc.
[NNW Chrome Extension]  Application
minorJanuary 29, 2018Develop Chrome Extension
[NNW Service and Web]  Application
blockJanuary 29, 2018Develop 1.0 Version as Progressive Web App
[]  Theme
minorOctober 29, 2017Background Weirdness on Mobile
 normal0000768    minorOctober 28, 2017Deal With Radar Downtime Better
 normal0000759    minorOctober 28, 2017Side-by-Side Map and Forecast
 normal0000733    minorOctober 28, 2017Map Reset to Default
 normal0000732    minorOctober 28, 2017Change Location By Map Click
 normal0000731    minorOctober 28, 2017Switching from OWM to NWS Map Problem
[NNW Service and Web]  Application
blockApril 28, 2017Update to Support New NWS Forecast API
[NNW Service and Web]  Warnings
minorApril 19, 2017Make NWS Warning Source Configurable
[NNW Service and Web]  Application
minorJanuary 17, 2017Double-Check Before DB Clears
[NNW Service and Web]  Forecast
minorSeptember 24, 2016Dew Point Forecast
[NNW Service and Web]  Conditions
minorSeptember 24, 2016Support NOAA Solar Data
 normal0000578    minorSeptember 24, 2016Enable Map Image Caching System
[NNW Service and Web]  Authentication
minorSeptember 24, 2016User Agent Check
[NNW Service and Web]  Forecast
minorSeptember 24, 2016Record Highs and Lows
[NNW Service and Web]  Settings
minorSeptember 24, 2016Allow Purchase of Ad-Free
[NNW Service and Web]  Forecast
minorSeptember 24, 2016Implement Environment Canada Support
[NNW Service and Web]  Settings
minorSeptember 24, 2016Service Notices and Alerts
[NNW Service and Web]  Settings
minorSeptember 24, 2016User Account/Login
[NNW Service and Web]  Warnings
minorSeptember 24, 2016Check Against Watch/Warning Polygons
[NNW Service and Web]  Forecast
minorJune 27, 2016Include Link to Weather Source
 normal0000593    minorMay 17, 2016Current Conditions Overlay
 high00004161   minorApril 26, 2016Map Zoom Shortcuts
[NNW Service and Web]  User Interface
minorApril 26, 2016Work Moon Phases Into Night Icons
[]  Theme
minorMarch 3, 2016Collapsing Version Lists
 high00002971   minorAugust 21, 2015Sites Need to Redirect to Main Domain
 high00003041   minorAugust 21, 2015Customize WP Login Screen
[]  Theme
minorAugust 21, 2015Images and Gallery Improvements